The man behind Break Trail (Ryan) getting an up-close  photograph of a waterfall

Hi! I’m Ryan.

Generally, while snowshoeing, the person out front will break trail for everyone else. The idea being it's much easier to follow in the tracks of someone ahead of you than to push through by yourself. That's the simple goal of this blog. I’m blazing the trail and giving you my firsthand account. Ok, I’m not “blazing” a trail…somebody else did that already.

I’m not an expert outdoorsman, or seasoned adventurer. I’ve never had to survive eating boiled twigs and mushrooms, nor do I want to. I’m someone who longs to be outdoors in nature; away from the busy crowds. Some of the hikes will be super easy others much more challenging—at least for me…don’t rub it in if you think they’re easy.

Hiking, camping and photography. A trifecta of wilderness activities I enjoy the most. Getting to share my experiences with others is icing on the cake (or granola bar if you like). I live, play and work in Colorado with my wife and daughter. I’m usually happiest with a pack on my back, and a trail under my feet.

I hope this blog inspires you to get out and explore, find new places to visit, or reconnect with nature . Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!


Another photo of me in my preferred environment...snow