Easy Hikes

Easy Hikes are good for just about anyone; kids, families, non-acclimated visitors. Don’t get me wrong…there’s still some effort involved, but it’s not too hard.

Easy-Moderate Hikes

Easy-moderate Hikes are hard to gauge. What might be easy for some, will be a little more difficult for others. Expect a couple hundred feet of elevation change, and maybe some switchbacks!

Moderate Hikes

Moderate Hikes will start to test you. A good bit of elevation gain/loss, but you’re going to get some great views.

Moderate-Difficult Hikes

Moderate-Difficult Hikes don’t need much explanation. Elevation gain/loss will be a thousand feet or more. Lots of switchbacks, and maybe some tricky terrain. But worth all the effort. Make sure you’re ready to tackle these hikes.