Beach Bum

La Jolla Sunset

Until this year, I've only set foot in California twice; once for business (Los Angeles area many years ago), and once while driving down the coast (visiting San Francisco for half a day...also many, many years ago). After spending a week in San Diego, it's easy to understand why so many people dream of the California coastline, and a sun-drenched lifestyle—for the record, Colorado has a ton of sunny days too.

Even though my ideal vacation doesn't include water-based activities, even I have to admit...the ocean is hypnotic and calming. I didn't take many photography while on vacation, not because inspiration was missing, or lacking. I was more interested in soaking up the sun, breathing in the sea air, and relaxing. But I had to bring home at least one "photographic" memory.

My family and I spent most of one day in and around La Jolla. We enjoyed it so much, we came back after dinner, and watched the sunset. It wasn't an amazing cloudscape bursting with pastel colors, it was a simple, peaceful sunset. A relaxing end to a perfect day with my family. Thanks for the memories, California. I hope to see you again...sooner, rather than later.