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Winter Adventure: Snowshoeing in Breckenridge

While some people might associate modern-day Breckenridge as a winter activities haven, it’s history is firmly planted in the “Pike’s Peak or Bust!” Colorado Gold Rush. A snowshoeing trip along French Gulch gave me an opportunity to play in the snow, and connect to the prospector past of early Breckenridge.

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The Ancient and Honorable Order of Squirrels: Hiking to Devil's Head Lookout Tower

The floodgates have opened. Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, and the mad dash to escape to the mountains is in full force.

The Highways and Byways once again carry eager nature seekers into the Rocky Mountains. The search for empty camping spots, less traveled hiking trails, and endless RV escapades signal another season of outdoor bliss. The mountain pass traffic and maxed-out roadside campgrounds driving me to more secluded spots.

So, I chose one of the more popular local spots as my next hike.

Wait? What?

Yes, I’m surprised too. I will spend hours scouring maps and Google Earth hoping to find an undiscovered location. Sometimes, though, a particular destination is so unique, so special, I’ve got to see it.

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