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The Eagle Has Landed: Hiking Eagle Pass Trail

Most visitors to Spruce Mountain Open Space will make a bee-line to top of Spruce Mountain, and that’s highly recommended, but don’t overlook Eagle Pass Trail. Eagle Pass Trail is an easy, relaxing hike; with stellar views of Eagle Mountain and great option if you’re in the mood for a less crowded alternative.

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Major Supplier: Hiking the Platte River Trail #654

Platte River Trail is located in Pike National Forest near the town of Lake George, CO. While this section of the South Platte River has been a longtime favorite for angler’s, the hiking trail that skirts the river is a great way to see the South Platte up and close...even if you're not fishing.

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Viewmaster: Hiking Rampart Reservoir Trail #700

Pikes Peak draws huge amounts of tourism into Colorado Springs—and for good reason. The Peak dominates the skyline, and has been providing a beacon to westward-bound travelers long before Zebulon Pike.

If you’re looking for another vantage point to take in all the Pikes Peak grandeur, and you want to do it while on a hike, then head up to Woodland Park for a trek around Rampart Reservoir.

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