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A Winter Hike Delight

The first day of winter—in the Northern Hemisphere at least—falls on December 21 or 22, and for me it’s a day of celebration. I love the cold and snow and the everything that the season brings. Colorado can get snow (in the mountains) as early as September. More often than not, in late October…unless you’re the fall/winter of 2016. This year, it’s been super warm—and downright hot at times. Kind of a bummer when you want it to snow.

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A Walk in the Park

Do you have favorites? I know I do. I have lots of favorites: movie, color, spot on the couch—you get the idea. But, I tend to have multiple favorites, groups of favorites. For example, I love movies. I have many, many movies that are my “favorite”. But it goes farther than that. I have favorite directors and cinematographers and film composers. I have favorites within favorites. I can tell you are intrigued. More examples you say, ok…how about ice cream. Well, that’s a trick question, because vanilla is the best. And, just like my other examples, I have a “favorite” place to hike. It isn’t because it is the most epic, or least visited. A favorite just has to connect with you, and Cheyenne Mountain State Park is definitely a favorite.

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