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The Eagle Has Landed: Hiking Eagle Pass Trail

Most visitors to Spruce Mountain Open Space will make a bee-line to top of Spruce Mountain, and that’s highly recommended, but don’t overlook Eagle Pass Trail. Eagle Pass Trail is an easy, relaxing hike; with stellar views of Eagle Mountain and great option if you’re in the mood for a less crowded alternative.

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An Island in the Midst of a Bustling City: Wandering Through Sondermann Park

Being completely surprised by a hike isn’t uncommon, but when it’s located just off the Interstate...that’s something wholly unexpected. Sondermann Park sits in plain sight, but often overlooked; except by those who are in the know. It’s a perfect little spot for a quick walk, or stroll in nature, and you’ll still be within a short distance from downtown.

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Indian Summer: A Short Hike at Ute Valley Park

Does this sound familiar? How can the work week be break-neck fast, and glacially slow at the same time? Somehow you drag yourself to Friday, and then BAM!’s Sunday. Wait!? What just happened? Where did my Saturday go? Now look at you, already having to wrap your brain around the start of a new work week. I hate to break it to you, but summer is over. Those long, 15 hour (give or take a few minutes) sunshiny days are gone. Well, if you’re desperate to get outside, but short on time...I have a solution for you.

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