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Best-Laid Plans

Mother Nature doesn’t always like my plans. Back in 2014, my family and I, were making our first epic road trip; Colorado to Montana. I had always wanted to visit Glacier National Park, and it was finally happening. I studied maps, pondered over possible campsites, marveled at breathtaking photographs. It was going to be the best road trip...ever.

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We Need To Have A Talk

I’m a bit of a neat-freak. The car, house, computer keyboard…they’re always clean. You’ve probably seen a few of us in your lifetime—we’re easy to spot. When I was a kid, I would lovingly clean my sneakers after each outing…with a toothbrush, and not always my toothbrush (sorry to any family members who might just be learning this). The point being, my stuff looked good! I took care of my belongings, they meant something to me. I’m still the same way, maybe not as over-the-top, but I like to keep my things in their original condition.

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Check That One Off The List: Backpacking to Crater Lake

Do you have a “bucket list”? I do and it’s kind of out-of-control. It started off as this sweet, innocent list of countries (Iceland, New Zealand, Norway) typical stuff. But, it has slowly been sucking up anything related to the outdoors: National Parks like the Grand Canyon and Olympic (and yes, I am very aware that I live relatively close to the Grand Canyon), or a monadnock (don’t worry, I had to look that one up too…my vocabulary is not that impressive) like Shiprock in New Mexico. Of course I have lots and lots of hikes/backpacking trips on my bucket list. I finally got to check Crater Lake off my list.

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