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On The Up-and-Up: Hiking Upper Columbine Trail in North Cheyenne Cañon

The Columbine Trail, in North Cheyenne Cañon, starts near the Starsmore Visitor and Nature Center, and ends near Helen Hunt Falls. While you can hike the complete trail, you can also divide it up into sections. I’m starting in reverse with Upper Columbine Trail.

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Life-size Snow Globe

Do you like bad weather? Huh, I didn’t hear “Why yes! I love it!” replies. Understandably, most people will do whatever they can to avoid bad weather: watch the evening news, get alerts on their phone, or diagnosing the aches and pains in their eccentric neighbor’s knees—whatever works, right? I get it. It’s not something I’d seek out either. But, now and again, bad weather is a good thing. Bad weather generates amazing clouds for a setting sun. Bad weather gives us snow days from work or school (that’s always fun). Bad weather isn’t _bad_, only slightly inconvenient for a day or two.

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Baby Mountains Are Mountains Too

I made a New Year’s Resolution to hike one hundred miles by the end of 2017. This goal of mine would double the amount of miles I hiked last year. All my logged miles took place between May and early November. So, starting four months sooner should make this goal a piece of cake.

I made a this bold commitment (after my Blackmer Loop Hike) with a nonchalant appraisal of a measly eight miles each month. Eight little miles. Well, it’s nearly the end of January, and I’ve only completed one hike. And, technically, I completed it before the new year even started. Ummm…I better get my butt in gear!

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Bridges and Waterfalls, and Mountains, Oh My!: Hiking Seven Bridges Trail

Warmer weather, longer days, traffic jams...for a lot of people, Memorial Day weekend signals the triumphant return of summer. In Colorado, however, Mother Nature doesn't always bend to our wishes. This year, the end of May brought chilly weather, rain and overcast much for the backyard barbecue.

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