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An Island in the Midst of a Bustling City: Wandering Through Sondermann Park

Being completely surprised by a hike isn’t uncommon, but when it’s located just off the Interstate...that’s something wholly unexpected. Sondermann Park sits in plain sight, but often overlooked; except by those who are in the know. It’s a perfect little spot for a quick walk, or stroll in nature, and you’ll still be within a short distance from downtown.

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Misty Mountain Hop: A Foggy Day Hike on Lincoln Mountain Trail

Day Hikes have kind of become my staple outdoor fix. And if I look back over the past few years, short day hikes have been my bread-and-butter. Short and sweet...sometimes that’s all you need. Lincoln Mountain Trail offers a fresh air trek, but keeps it short at the same time.

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The Ancient and Honorable Order of Squirrels: Hiking to Devil's Head Lookout Tower

The floodgates have opened. Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, and the mad dash to escape to the mountains is in full force.

The Highways and Byways once again carry eager nature seekers into the Rocky Mountains. The search for empty camping spots, less traveled hiking trails, and endless RV escapades signal another season of outdoor bliss. The mountain pass traffic and maxed-out roadside campgrounds driving me to more secluded spots.

So, I chose one of the more popular local spots as my next hike.

Wait? What?

Yes, I’m surprised too. I will spend hours scouring maps and Google Earth hoping to find an undiscovered location. Sometimes, though, a particular destination is so unique, so special, I’ve got to see it.

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Roadside Attraction

Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies. Back in the summer of ’93, it broke all kinds of records during its theatrical release—and I was there opening weekend. I’m not a huge dinosaur fan, but I am a huge Steven Spielberg fan.I saw Jurassic Park four times in the theater—every weekend for a month. I know someone is thinking “what a huge waste of time!”. But, I really liked this movie, and I couldn’t get enough of it. I still remember how breathless I was after the opening scene. In a few short minutes, I knew I was watching a classic.

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Are We Having Fun Yet?

Hiking takes time, effort, and some stamina. It’s not for everyone. But, for those who enjoy it, it’s addictive. I’ve not yet convince my daughter in the splendor of hiking. When she was a little thing—riding on my back—she loved it. I mean, how couldn’t she? It was a free ride, for several hours, with little to no effort involved. However, when she reached middle school age, her eagerness changed. I’d persuade her to suffer through one or two trips during the summer. About this time, we started asking her to “share the load” and carry her own pack. I think you can see where this is going. Once she reached high school…no dice. Hiking was boring. Hiking was not cool. Hiking meant the opposite of fun. Like I said, it’s not for everyone.

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