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Major Supplier: Hiking the Platte River Trail #654

Platte River Trail is located in Pike National Forest near the town of Lake George, CO. While this section of the South Platte River has been a longtime favorite for angler’s, the hiking trail that skirts the river is a great way to see the South Platte up and close...even if you're not fishing.

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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved maps. Globes, atlases, origami-nightmares (a.k.a. gas station maps). An unwavering attachment to our 3D world, re-imagined onto a 2D piece of paper.

With modern technology it seems almost impossible to get lost. I can open my phone and tell it where I want to go, or punch in an address on my car’s onboard navigation.

Before cell phones were in everyone's pockets, or what my daughter calls “the dark ages”, a map was your best friend. Printed out directions for getting from this place or that. Portable, organized, and perfect for weekend trip, or cross-country expedition. I still keep a Colorado Gazetteer in my case my GPS signal disappears, which never, ever happens.

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